It is a breakfast set of drinks, toast, eggs and salad. Please choose from 4 kinds of "butter toast" "pizza toast" "homemade potemayo toast" "anko toast"! Have breakfast on the Tidada town terrace!



Lunch Time


​☆free refills of soft drinks and coffee


※There is also another menu!

​☆free refills of soft drinks and coffee


※There is also another menu!

Roast beef rice bowl 


It is a roast beef bowl where hot spring eggs are placed in homemade onion sauce.
The meat is soft and you will enjoy the taste of the meat. It is the most popular menu in our shop which was particular about roast time and temperature!

(with salads and free drinks!)

Tomato sauce pasta with eggplant and bacon


Tomato sauce pasta with eggplant and bacon.(with salads and free drinks!)

extra-large portion(1.5 times+¥150)




Roast beef hamburg


The roast beef was finely cut and baked in the oven over time. It's very fragrant. You can taste it and enjoy a plump texture. It is a popular menu.

Soupless Noodle


Soba(Soupless noodle) with plenty of minced meat and avocado sauce. It will be addictive if you eat it once. Let't  try it!

Rice flour galette with raw ham and cream cheese


It is a galette with a lot of vegetables. Recommended for those who want to eat plenty of vegetables!

Taco rice


We eat "tacos" of Mexican food with rice. We will serve you with an iron plate!

Omelette rice with demiglace sauce


It is omelet rice that everyone loves from children to adults. You can also choose a mini size for 50 yen discount!

Shrimp and broccoli doria


Doria with lots of prawns and bacon. It is also popular with children!

Children's menu


with drink

Kids Pasta lunch


Kids Hamburger lunch


Dessert menu